Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been on vacation, but I'm back. It wasn't a real vacation. I didn't go anywhere much, but I wasn't hassling you about your plastic usage or bitching because you are not getting through your summer reading list, so, I think you had a bit of a vacation too.

One thing we did that is now really out of date, but still true, we went to the Pride parade in Seattle, mainly because it's about a 3 minute walk from here and it's historically worth the effort if it's sunny and a reasonable time of day. The folks that are in the parade and the folks that watch are a show, it's fun. This year for some reason I started wondering this; if a disproportionate number of hairdressers are gay, which is kind of true, (this is going to another place where a fact checking editor would come in handy because I just totally made that up) why is there so much bad hair running around in the gay community. Maybe it was just a bad day, but here are the pictures, you be the judge.

While I was spacing out/on vacation I took some stuff to Goodwill, I do from time to time. I was almost there with a bunch of books and I had a panic moment where I had to stop the car on the side of the road and page through all of the books to make sure there was nothing in there. This precipitated  by an experience we had a couple of years ago. January and That One owed us $400 for some reason, and I was at their house reading The Hotel New Hampshire (I recommend Highly! by John Irving) on their couch, when That One handed me 4 one hundred dollar bills. Apparently I put them in the book as a kind of bookmark, then forgot all about it. At some point I realized there was a bunch of money missing from my life and had a fit that went on and off for months really. About 6 months later The Comma Editor was cleaning out his office at work and found the book in a bag of stuff that was supposed to be recycled.

The moral of the story is do not use $100 bills for bookmarks. I feel I should not have to say that out loud, if you have been paying attention you would know this whole story was meant to be a cautionary tale.

I know the political thing is a drag for you all, especially the International Readers, but the deal in Seattle right now is this tunnel  proposal that sounds like a bit of a bad idea. It's the largest deep bore tunnel of it's kind ever attempted. In the world. The engineers are almost pretty positive it will work. Probably. They are going to have, and I'm not even kidding some sort of tilt meter, so if they tunnel under a 20 story building and it's not going all that great, a buzzer will go off, or something so they know they are too close. I'm not sure how that helps. I'm guessing they aren't going to stop the whole thing, but on the other hand I would think there would be some sort of outcry if a condo building was laying sideways in the street. I guess we will find out. I'm just hoping like hell it isn't my condo building. My bananas will become bruised.

Bitchy Bit

The goddammit plastic bag problem is still driving me mad, we have decided to attempt another quest, or whatever you call it. I'm pretty partial to questing.

The challenge will be to go to 10 stores, 3 times and buy one thing, that would have no reason to be put in a bag, and see if they put it in a plastic bag anyway. Then I will email the stores and tell them my results. That's been working like a charm.  I swear, I have to practically hog tie a lot of clerks to make them not give me a bag.

As usual I haven't thought this all the way through. What can I buy 30 of ? It can't be a candy bar type thing, because in defense of clerks, if it looks like something you might eat right now they will usually  ask about the bag. The only other thing I can think of is light bulbs, but I probably won't live long enough to use 30 of them. Cans of cat food? That could work. Cans of soup? that would be good, and I could donate them to a place where you donate soup. I guess there isn't any good reason why I couldn't  just eat the soup as far as that goes. I don't know, anyway that's the thing. Plastic is bad.

I emailed QFC about their stupid bag policy, but they didn't seem to give much of a rip. Trader Joes either, this will continue, but I think I may need the help of the followers, all 24 of you.

I wrote a letter to QFC and told them all they had to do was put out a memo that said and I quote: "If it looks like a person doesn't need a bag ask them if they want one."  Insert giant sigh here.

Good Thing

This is my favorite new idea, it's great. It's to make me make money. Every time there is a Paula Deen sighting, witnessed by a well, witness, you have to send me a dollar. This week there is a three dollar tab. This isn't like a chain letter where your name goes at the top or bottom or however that works, you will not be getting any money, only me. So to make sure we have it clear. Three dollars. Cash money.

There is a deal on Blogspot where you can sign up to "monetize" your blog, something about ads, (since so far the Bud Light people aren't advertising so I don't think that whole thing is very legit), anyway, I said sure and was supposed to read a bunch of fine print, but you don't have to, you can hit  "continue!"It's way easier. I'm guessing there is going to be a law suit down the road. So don't forget the 3 dollars.

Your weekly expense may increase, I need a haircut, and the longer it gets the more Paula Deen I look, so next week this could cost you more than three dollars. Get a part time job I guess.

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  1. Trader Joes always asks me if I want a bag.

    At QFC in Bellevue, I'm pretty sure the average customer would say yes to a bag even if they were buying a chocolate bar. We are talking about a place where 30 year old women get "helped out" by the 80 year old bag boy. I'm not kidding. I've seen it. I was seriously considering running my car into her Lexus SUV. The old man can hardly walk, but she had to talk on her cell phone. She was probably talking to a friend and planning a trip to the gym. Here's an idea, push your own fucking cart to your car. Pick up your two bags and put them in the back. You don't even have to open your hatch, you have an app for that.

    Apparently, this was a traumatic experience for me.

    -That One