Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hippier Than Thou

In my picture at the top of the blog, (web log, let's practice what we preach!) you can see the paper towel dispenser. I like it quite a little, it goes with the stainless steel stuff. Well we have a NEW USE! I really haven't used a paper towel for weeks and for me it's a bit like quitting smoking or heroin so I'm pretty proud of myself. I took the roll of paper towels off and now I'm using it for a dryer for plastic bags. When you reuse plastic bags you must swish them around in soapy water and get them all clean, then what? Especially if you live in a tiny condo? You reduce re-use recycle!

One of the many fabulous things about this here web log is the Comma Editor is going to have it in black and white for the doctors when he needs to document the road I took to crazy ville.

The plastic diet is depressing. Go into a store, it doesn't even matter what kind and look around. The plastic surrounding you, I don't know, just think about it. I'm not sure what to say except don't buy it unless not buying it is life threatening. I guess not eating is kind of life threatening. But cooking food from scratch is an option even though the corporate types spend a ton of money to make us think otherwise.

Write to manufactures, they do listen, maybe a little. The new Sun Chips bags that compost is a start, in a measly fashion. Have you heard these new bags? They sound like thunder. I don't know why I find that amusing. There is even a note on the bags that explain exactly nothing except that you aren't hearing things. The bags are just crazy loud. I don't think even the people at the factory know what happened there. It's telling that the Frito Lay  folks started with the composting bags with the relatively hippy dippy Sun Chip bags, I bet they are hoping the Pork Rind crowd and the Sun Chip group don't meet up. Fisticuffs!

The reason we are using and tossing all this plastic of course is because we now believe that easy is the same as happy.

PREACHY! I like it!

I'm adding a Preachy Bit to the lineup.

OK, how many of you are finished with your reading list? None of you? No surprise here. I never cease to be amazed by the lack of interest in our food chain. I'm just saying. I'm adding Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to the list. I haven't finished it yet but it's good. You might as well not read that one too.


Irregardless, we must move on.

Hah, you know I wasn't really using the word IRREGARDLESS, because there is no such word!

Notate that.

There is some good news of course. The plastic diet is going to overlap in terms of thinking about what we are using and where it comes from. The hairspray made out of sugar actually works pretty well. I put lavender oil in it so it smells good, and so far not a sign of a bee. However it's only May, the bees may be gathering. 

This part is really great. We made, well the Comma Editor did but I'm taking credit anyway, deodorant that works just dandy. A disclaimer already though. One of the family members had a reaction, probably to the tea tree oil. I haven't had any issues, but if you have sensitive skin, beware. 

Today was Ride Your Bike to Work Day, my favorite holiday as you know.

It's good that the churros are being utilized. In honor of the holiday I didn't run over any. Well of course I ran over the GD churros because they are everywhere. I didn't run over a bicyclist though. I would like to clarify that I am fine with people riding bikes. I'm not fine with them riding in Downtown Seattle in a Superior Way. The streets aren't built for them. Damn squirrels.

By the way, which one of you is working on my jet pack? I don't even have any drawings yet.

I'm introducing a new topic here. I'm giving you credit for keeping up with the changes. 

As a card carrying bleeding heart liberal (as you know) of course I enjoy watching my tax money being thrown away. Sometimes on Saturday morning I get up early to watch my congressman Jim McDermott bring a sack of money to the beach and throw handfuls of dollar bills into Puget Sound. Imagine how much I am enjoying seeing these signs.


The beauty of this one is our tax money is actually being used brilliantly. You can turn this one upside down or sideways and it makes just as much sense. Four times the use for one price I say, go government! Do I want these people running my health care? NO, I'm not sure they are going to know where my gizzard is, in case it needs work.

Myrtle Edwards Park, you know really, it doesn't hurt to be extra clear.This one makes up for the last one.


Lowe's doors. Now see, it's just not the government, there is a lot of dumb to go around. I just wish they would stick to placing ads on automatic doors and stop drilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

I have no idea what they are advertising on these moving billboards, but it's nice that they remind us that we got all the way to the store and forgot our Goddammit bags again. Thanks QFC. Put the signs on the poles in the parking lot. I'm old, and I have ADD.

Actual run over tulips would be more attractive than this. Now that tulip season is over, shouldn't it say children or something?

We have had enormous technical difficulties this week, which explains why this is 2 days late. 
The comma editor has figured out how to make it easier to make comments. There's a BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR if I ever saw one. 

Be Nice!