Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good news everybody, we have an new editor, this one will specialize in the apostrophe. Only the best writers have this many editors, I bet Mark Twain only had four. Now I have to contract a lot of words so he has something to do.

The apostrophe editor gave me some advice about the blog. Apparently this is the sort of thing people will idly read at work because they don't want to be doing their work, so publishing it on Monday is the best time. And I should post it on Faceplant, and when I email it I should put a subject line so people know it isn't someone trying to sell them Viagra, it's only me complaining about Happy Hour and how people use too much plastic. So that's what I'm going to do. Another guest editor said I should post something every day and use more pictures. I could do that, but one wonders should I?

It's the first day of the Plastic Diet as it has become known. It's 9:30 and so far so good, the only one who has taken a hit is the cat. The canned food she has been eating comes in cans lined with plastic. I was doing some reading about that, I'm not sure why they started putting the plastic lining in cans but it sounds like it has some potential health issues for people I'm guessing cats are not immune either. I have already tried to stop buying it for humans, I just hadn't noticed it in the cat food. I'm going to take it away from her. She seems pretty unfazed by the news.

On the record, I haven't cheated by stocking up on things, I know I'm going to run out of hair spray, I have the little plastic pump bottle, I wonder how hard it can be to make? I'm not that crazy about my hair anyway, so I will cross that bridge when I get there. I will tell you this though, don't try to mix shampoo and conditioner in a bottle and shake it up to make Pert Plus. It makes some kind of mess that won't really come out of your hair and doesn't clean it either. 

You know what? Speaking of complaining about Happy Hour, the Weekly or the Stranger, (I R's they are independent newspaper tabloids in Seattle) had a whole edition devoted to Happy Hours and only one out of about 50 even mentioned a vegetarian dish. Jesus people. Too much meat.

I just read another Happy Hour review and now I am mad. It said you could get chicken quesadillas and for a dollar more, mushroom ones. Goddammit. You know why meat is cheaper than mushrooms? All I'm saying is read Omnivores Dilemma, Fast Food Nation and In Defense of Food, and you will go "Huh" It may not make you stop eating meat, but it will sure as hell make you think twice about where you get it.

I have no luck turning people into vegetarians, (imagine how hard it must be to talk someone into being gay), which is fine, but folks should know how their food is produced, because the consequences actually do effect everybody. I wish PETA wasn't such a stupid group. The most famous vegetarian group is so annoying that if I ever start eating meat again it's going to be a PETA member first.

And further more speaking of I R's, January's husband That One is from Canada so I should have a bunch of  Canadian IR's, but I'm not seeing them. He did tell me he wasn't going to read the blog, but he does once in awhile. The Other One, his cousin has some connections there too. Get cracking you two.

We were at January and That One's house the other night and we watched a show called Corner Gas, it's a sitcom from Canada, it's pretty good. They were talking about which episode to show us and they picked one about a guy who writes a blog, and people keep telling him to stop talking and to write it in his blog, it's funny, that happens to me too. January and That One were laughing and laughing, it was good but not that funny.

I have a paid advertisement and about time too, I expect to be paid in Bud Light, which is currency in my world.

Our awesome CPA / Financial Adviser Kirk Mills is someone you might want to get in touch with. The Comma Editor was doing the taxes because I made him, It didn't seem like the taxes should be that hard. It got quite tense as the Comma Editor hates doing taxes, which is where Kirk has always come in handy, so we finally caved and had Kirk do them. He literally got us a refund that was about 20 times what the Comma Editor figured out to that point. They were done in about 45 seconds too. Also, we are seeing our investments come back at a pretty snappy pace, so just in case you want to talk to someone about all your dough, here is your guy.

A good thing this week is, I needed some little pots to put bulbs in and at Fred Meyer of all places they have these little ones that are made out of bamboo and are meant to break down and compost after a couple of years, they come in cute colors and different sizes and they were pretty much the same price as any others, so we are getting somewhere there. Bamboo is supposed to be a very renewable resource, I know it's a bitch to get rid of in your yard, so I think this is good. I just hope we don't find out later it takes a bunch of chemical fertilizer or something, but we do what we can.

Next week I will tell you the two good things about hockey.

Go Canucks.

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  1. Yay, I love your blogs! Just thought I'd let you know. Good job on the plastic thing, although not sure what to tell you about the hairspray.